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Leave NOW! fishermen to RECLAIM ‘£4bn’ from EU boats if UK quits ‘failed’ fishing policy


The European Union’s latest draft guidelines for future Brexit talks aim to maintain “existing” access to the UK’s fishing waters.

Mrs May said “reciprocal access” would be discussed, but insisted there would need to be a “fairer allocation” for UK fleets in the future.

Fishing For Leave spokesman Aaron Brown has demanded the immediate exit from the EU and it’s Common Fisheries Policy to give the British fishing industry a much needed boost.

Speaking to the Express.co.uk, the fisherman said: “Relative stability was the EU’s system for giving set shares between the member states of who would get what fish resources to catch.

“Obviously, that’s one of the big rankers for British fishermen and people as a whole that it wasn’t only the CFP failed environmentally, it’s failed economically as well because we’ve lost so much of our resources.

“We have 50 percent of the waters we give to the common EU pot, but we only get 25 percent of the fish back, and the EU catches 60 percent in our waters.

“Under international law, the moment we leave the EU, we automatically go into a thing called the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which says we have sovereign rights over all fish and all waters.

“That would see us regain that 60 percent they’re catching in our waters, and that would be worth £3-4bn every year to the UK economy and coastal communities.”