Home News Jamie Carragher has been suspended from his punditry duties by Sky Sports

Jamie Carragher has been suspended from his punditry duties by Sky Sports


The suspension comes after he was filmed spitting at a car containing a 14-year-old girl and her father, following Liverpool’s defeat against Manchester United on Saturday
Sky Sports have suspended Jamie Carragher from his role as a football analyst, they have announced.

The move comes after the pundit and former England and Liverpool player was filmed spitting at a car by a Manchester United fan on Saturday.

The former Liverpool player, who now works as a football pundit, apologised for his actions yesterday, calling his behaviour “unacceptable.”

He appeared on Sky News earlier to apologise for the incident.
Speaking to Sky News, he said: “In that position, I’ve got a daughter exactly the same age.

“If someone did that, I’d struggle to find the words to how I’d react or what I’d say to that person, the way that father sees his daughter and the way I see my daughter.

“But, that is me, it is my biggest regret, of course, all of it is, getting involved in that situation.

“All I can do now is apologise, I can’t go back. I’ve done that with the family, hopefully they accept that. Obviously, I’d like to apologise to them again, if possible.”

Asked about his future as a Sky Sports pundit, Carragher said: “It remains to be seen, it’s their decision.

“What I would say is, there’s no doubt what I have done on Saturday after the game is disgusting. I’ve been vilified for it, and rightly so.

“If I was commentating on that game and someone did that I’d have vilified them for the next few days. What I’d hope, not just for Sky, but the public who know me, that five seconds of madness won’t take over everything I’ve done.

“Hopefully going forward I can show the real me, I don’t feel like that’s a real representation of me.

“The mistake I’ve made today is a huge one.”
The on-air apology came after Carragher apologised via Twitter on Sunday. He said: “Totally out of order and I’ve apologised personally to all the family this evening. I was goaded 3/4 times along the motorway while being filmed and lost my rag. No excuse apologies.”

In the footage, recorded on a mobile phone, a 14-year-old United supporter’s father is heard talking to Carragher about the game. The father then repeatedly mentions the score, to which he responds “all right,” before then spitting in the direction of the car.

The footage ends after the girl says to her dad that the saliva hit her in the face.

Gary Neville has since come out in support of his colleague.