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Parsons Green Tube ‘bomber’ ‘told officials he had been trained to kill by ISIS when he arrived in the back of a lorry


The Parsons Green bucket bomber loaded an explosive device with more than 4lbs of nails, screws and knives to cause ‘maximum carnage’ on a rush hour Tube train, a court heard.

Iraqi asylum seeker Ahmed Hassan, 18, injured 30 commuters after detonating the device in a Lidl supermarket bag in the packed District Line carriage, the Old Bailey in London was told.

Hassan, who arrived in the UK illegally on the back of a lorry in 2015, allegedly made the bomb using the explosive triacetate triperoxide (TATP) which was packed into a Tupperware container and glass vase inside the white bucket.

When interviewed by the Home Office when claiming asylum in the UK, he said he was fleeing ISIS – who he claimed kidnapped him, threatened to murder his family, made him train 1,000 soldiers to kill and give religious teachings.

The jury was told that some of the ingredients for the device were bought on Amazon and CCTV captured Hassan buying a drill in Aldi and batteries and a screwdriver set in Asda in Feltham.

Hassan allegedly used an Amazon token he was given after winning a school prize to pay for the chemicals.