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‘Here is how we BEAT EU bullies’ Farage urges May to follow THIS Brexit battle plan


NIGEL FARAGE revealed this morning what he hopes Theresa May outlines in her highly-anticipated speech on “the roadmap to Brexit”.

Nigel Farage has revealed how Britain could triumph against Michel Barnier’s bullying tactics, and secure a win-win Brexit despite EU resistance.

However, speaking to Lord Digby Jones on his Sunday LBC programme, Mr Farage warned his strategy of going around Brussels and speaking directly to European industries may be “too late” to implement.

He said: “What perhaps we ought to try to do – maybe it is too late – or at least, what we should have tried to do – is to go around the back the European Commission and get away from the glass and steel structures with the tens of thousands of bureaucrats.

“I’m very struck that the French wine producers, German car makers, Belgium chocolate manufacturers – they don’t want their relationship with their best export market messed up.

“Is it too late to try and get the Paris farmers to tell Macron if you go with Barnier if you hurting us.”

Lord Digby Jones, a leading Brexiteer businessman, said that the key to this strategy was persuading the Remain camp to help out.

He explained: “The people to do that is the Remain camp, the big businesses who have connections to Brussels.

“Instead of the Remain camp hurting us, they should try to get the best deal for Europe.”

Mr Farage’s Brexit battleplan comes ahead of a series of keynote speeches from Theresa May’s cabinet, outlining her roadmap to Brexit.

The speeches will underline her positive vision for a post-Brexit Britain and make the UK a “truly global, free-trading nation”.

Five key ministers are lined up to throw their weight behind Mrs May in a coordinated series of speeches laying out the way ahead.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will kick off the offensive on Wednesday with a rallying call to those on both sides of the Brexit debate to back the Prime Minister.

Over the following week, there will be three more speeches by Brexit Secretary David Davis, her deputy David Lidington, and International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox.