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‘As undemocratic as it gets’ Hungarian MEP blasts ‘elite-driven’ plan to replace UK MEPs


Gyorgy Schopflin, from the European People’s Party, said the plans for a trans-national group of MEPs is a “top-down, elite-driven” plot by the project’s largest member states.

At the moment, the European Parliament has 751 sitting MEPs, however, the Constitutional Affairs Committee voted on a proposal to redistribute 46 of the UK’s 73 seats to other countries, while keeping the remaining 27 seats for pan-European electoral lists of future enlargements.

The Hungarian argued any MEP elected from a “trans-national list” would be “remote” from their electorate, raising questions on the European Parliament’s reputation.

Speaking in a plenary session in Strasbourg, Mr Schopflin said: “I want to focus on the trans-national lists, I have made no secret in my view that as far as I’m concerned the trans-national list is a bad idea.

“Here are my reasons, there are several: First, the trans-national list is based on an idea that out there somewhere, there is a European demos just waiting to be represented and the trans-national list will do just this.

“This is an error, there is no European demos and to claim the contrary is an illusion. Have European citizens ever been asked if they want to be represented by a trans-national list? Again, the answer is no.”