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We DON’T need EU! Swiss exports ‘at all-time high’ Huge blow for Brussels as Brexit looms

Switzerland has gradually started trading more outside of the bloc than inside it since the financial crash of 2008, which left EU members’ economies worse off than the other potential markets, Swiss newspaper Blick has reported.

By the time Britain has left the bloc, less than half of Switzerland’s exports will be traded into the EU, according to the paper.

The country’s Federal Customs Administration announced this week: “Exports are at an all-time high.”

Swiss exporters sold 220.4billion francs worth of goods in 2017, an increase of 4.7 percent on the previous year.

The paper adds that exports to the EU increased by just 3.5 percent.

Before the financial crash around 63 per cent of Swiss exports went to Brussels, while it was 10 percent less than that last year.

Switzerland’s exports to the bloc will drop even further once the UK has left in March 2019, according to Blick.

Yngve Abrahamsen, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Economic Research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, said: “The growing importance of the pharmaceutical and watch industries mean that more was exported to non-european countries.”