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‘He literally stiffened up and said NO’ Farage says EU’s Barnier is offering NOTHING to UK


THE EUROPEAN UNION is unlikely to offer the UK a full trade deal after Brexit, Nigel Farage has said following a meeting with the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier. Brexiteer Nigel Farage admitted Michel Barnier “stiffened up” when asked about how

Britain’s services will be incorporated into a final Brexit deal. The British MEP said the UK has already “given too much money” to Brussels in order to get on to the second stage of trade talks and it is time for Michael Barnier to “give something”. Mr Farage

and Michel Barnier met in Brussels on Monday after the former Ukip leader demanded he discuss key Brexit issues with the EU official. Appearing on BBC Daily Politics, Mr Farage said: “The British Government has given a hell of a lot already. It’s

now time for Barnier to give something. He wasn’t in that mood this morning.” Mr Farage said Michel Barnier only wants the import and export of goods to be included in a final Brexit deal. He said: “They sell us 80 billion euros worth of chocolate, cars

and wine every year more than we sell them. “But when I mentioned services and financial services has been part of this package, I saw his whole body language change. He literally stiffened up and said no, that simply can’t be.” The former Ukip

leader hit back and said Britain should not “waste years” attempting to get a full trade deal and should walk away. He said: “If we are going to enter a period of negotiations where, given the amount we’ve conceded in phase one, if he is not

prepared to make some concessions on that then I think the big change in the debate which will come in 2018.” Mr Farage said “big voices” in business will demand Brexit does not “waste years and years” and will insist Britain falls under WTO rules. During the meeting, Mr Barnier said a “no deal” Brexit will have “bad consequences” for both Britain and the European Union. Mr Farage said in response that a “no deal” Brexit would hurt Europe far more than Britain. He said: “Not only do they sell us more goods than we sell them but actually the truth of it is, our financial services sector, we are the investment bankers for the whole of the rest of Europe.”