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WATCH: Mother of JIHADIST “he always wanted to be (suicide bomber) marry 72 virgins of Paradise”


A Palestinian mother is interviewed on the official Palestinian Authority television station. She says that her sons first and last goal in life was Martyrdom. She told him that everyone wants to become Martyrs. He said that he cannot think of anyone he would like to marry in this world, and that he wants to marry the Dark-Eyed Maidens

of Paradise. This refers to the Islamic belief that every Martyr is a groom and will marry 72 virgins in Paradise upon their death. The mother said that if these are her sons thoughts, then she wishes him Shahada. The Muslims who call themselves

“Palestinians” are waging a jihad war against Israel. The Western world has abandoned Israel and stands with the Muslim world against the only democratic Western country in the entire Middle East. Israel is the only place in the Middle East where women and Christians are not persecuted by Islamists.

No one should have to live in fear as they drive home from work or walk home from school. This radical Islamic terrorism must stop. Israeli mothers shouldn’t have to fear sending their kids off to school. Israeli workers shouldn’t have to fear standing

at a bus stop. Israeli children and visitors should be free to feel safe while walking through Jerusalem’s Old City. The people of Israel have a right to live in peace and security. Israel built security fences and walls on all its borders after a wave of

suicide bombings during the second intifada. The entire world was quick to condemn Israel for defending itself. The silent world when Palestinians influct pain and death upon Israel but screams when Israel protects itself.

When Israel left the Gaza Strip, Gaza was free and all Jews were expelled. Hamas took control on the Gaza Strip, imposed sharia law and declared war on Israel with the declared goal of destroying the Jewish state. They fired tens of thousands of rockets at Israel, but the world turned a blind eye. Hamas, ISIS, and Al Qaeda share the same ideology of radical Islam. The Western world must stand with Israel in the war against radical Islamic terrorism.