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LANGUAGE OF INFIDELS: UK ‘Faith Schools’ Not Teaching English Language, Says Chief Inspector


An increasing number of private UK faith schools are being judged as inadequate, a report by the national inspectorate has found, calling some “squalid” and stating that in a number of establishments English is not taught properly.

Amanda Spielman, the chief inspector, said that some institutions were deliberately remaining unregistered to avoid scrutiny and children are occasionally left with limited or no ability to read and write in English, The Times reports.

The report talks about Muslim and Christian schools as a single problem, despite a higher proportion of Islamic schools failing, leading to UKIP claiming the report unnecessarily “attacks” Christianity.

“Imparting British values can sometimes go against community wishes or norms and we’re seeing this tension play out in some of our schools,” Ms. Spielman said.

“We’ve found schools that are deliberately resisting both British values and the requirements of equality law; texts encouraging domestic violence and the subjugation of women; schools with a flat refusal to recognise people who are gay.”

The report found that too many private faith schools were spreading intolerance, adding: “We have found an increasing number of conservative religious schools that are spreading beliefs that clash with British values and equalities law.”

“The proportion of independent schools judged less than good increased this year from 31 per cent to 40 per cent.

“A number are highly conservative Christian, Jewish, or Muslim faith schools. In some of these schools, the premises are unsafe or squalid. The most basic checks are not always in place. Inspectors have also found sexist and sectarian literature in some schools.”