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‘Brexit means Brexit’ Brits lose confidence in May securing good EU deal, study reveals

A report by pollster NatCen has found the proportion of voters who think Britain will come out of the negotiations with the European Union with a good deal has plummeted from a third of those questioned in February to just under a fifth – a mere 19 per cent – now.Similarly, the proportion of those who think the Government has handled the negotiations badly had soared from 41 per cent to 61 per cent over the same period.

While confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May’s administration to deliver a positive Brexit deal for the UK has sunk, the proportion of those still wanting to either Remain or Leave have remained virtually the same since February.

Asked how they would vote if there was, hypothetically, a referendum vote now, 53 per cent backed remaining in the EU, up one percentage point from February, while those backing leave had fallen by one percentage point from 48 to 47 per cent.

The findings were published today in an extensive report called ‘Half-Time in the Brexit Negotiations: The Voters’ Scorecard’.The latest survey was undertaken between 28 September and 29 October and secured responses from 2,168 people.

Senior Research Fellow at NatCen John Curtice said: “Our new data point to two important conclusions.

“First, voters, including not least those who voted Leave in the EU referendum, have become more critical of the way the negotiations are being handled and more pessimistic about what the consequences of Brexit will be.