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Foreign aid FARCE: Extremist JIHADI group ‘funded by UK taxpayer cash’

Now it has been claimed money shipped over to support the Free Syrian Police is being handed off to an Islamist group in the region.

A BBC Panorama investigation claimed that money from UK taxpayers was being handed over to fundamentalists from Nour al-Din al-Zinki, who have been linked to a string of atrocities including the beheading of a young prisoner.

Official documents from the British company running the aid project, Adam Smith International (ASI), warned 20 per cent of all police salaries are being handed over “to pay for the military and security support that Zinki provides to the five stations in areas under its control”, according to the investigation.

ASI strongly refutes the claims, stating it has strict guidelines to ensure detainees are treated fairly and humanely.

The show ‘BBC Panorama: Jihadis You Pay For’, which airs tonight (Monday) at 7.30pm, is expected to also confirm police worked with a Zinki court “by writing up warrants, delivering notices, and turning criminals over to the court”.

The idea that British taxpayers’ money was associated with that would of course be wholly abhorrent

Crispin Blunt

The court is alleged to be used to justify torture and summary executions, while Panorama have claimed police officers from the British funded force watched on as two women were stoned to death.

Britain is one of six countries who have donated to the Free Syrian Police – with Boris Johnson announcing in April the nation would commit another £4million to the project.

However all payments have since been suspended pending a Government investigation.

Tory MP Crispin Blunt, former chair the Foreign Affairs Committee, said spending foreign aid cash on fundamentalists was “completely unacceptable”.

He said: “You’ve got people being sentenced to death for homosexuality.