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‘We OWN your economy’ Brexiteer rebukes BBC guest for claim EU has NOTHING to lose


A BREXITEER columnist has brilliantly schooled a French guest on a BBC news panel after she claimed that the EU has nothing to lose or fear from Brexit going wrong.

A Brexiteer columnist took a pro-EU correspondent to task over the fall-out of Brexit during a fiery exchange on this week’s BBC Dateline panel. Agnes Poirer, who is a UK correspondent for French newspapers, claimed the EU has “nothing to fear or lose”

from botched Brexit talks. The astonishing remarks stunned the BBC host before Times columnist Iain Martin, who voted Brexit, intervened and revealed how much the EU depends on the UK. During the show, Canada broadcaster Jeffery Kofman

claimed Brexit will ruin two two generations just because the Government has no vision, authority or roadmap. Poirer bashed Brexit whem she suggested that

parliament “should do the right thing” and defy the will of the British people.

The French journalist added: “The EU has nothing to lose, or fear, from Brexit. We are 27 and Britain is just 1. And if you don’t like it, you can still reverse!” Martin

jumped in: “Sorry, did you just say the EU has nothing to lose? The entire EU debt machine runs out of London. We run your currency. “Eighty per cent of the eurozone

– the debt, the derivatives, the stuff that makes the eurozone go around, all of it resides in Britain.” He added: “Of course, bits of it can go to Frankfurt and Paris.

But, the German Finance Ministry understands the risks of dislocation – look at what they have said recently.” Martin then laughed off her suggestion that Britain can “simply reverse Brexit if it wants”. The British journalist said: “We don’t regret it.

Look at the polling, it is not going to happen.”