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CORBYN ROCKED: Poll sees support for May as PM RISES while Labour leader’s rating DROPS


THERESA May has experienced a boost in support despite cabinet resignations and Brexit stagnation, a new poll has revealed. A total of 34 per cent of respondents to the YouGov poll claimed Mrs May was their preferred choice for PM – a one point rise

on a month ago. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn’s support experienced a two point drop at 31 per cent and 35 per cent said they are not sure. Mrs May also commands an

impressive majority of support from voters who backed leave in the EU referendum – with 53 per cent supporting her Premiership compared to a dismal 17 per cent for Mr

Corbyn. However, the emboldened Labour leader’s party gained a slight edge on Mrs May’s Conservatives – pulling ahead with 43 per cent while the Tories garnered

support from 40 per cent of the poll’s respondents. The Yougov poll surveyed 2,012 people online from across Great Britain on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, just before the Prime Minister accepted the resignation of International Development

Secretary Priti Patel. But the poll took place several days after the resignation of defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon amid allegations of Government sleaze. But while questions are raised over her authority as PM, the poll claims support for her

continued presence in Downing Street is growing. Some 32 per cent of voters thought she should step down as Prime Minister – six points lower than last month following her disastrous Conservative Party Conference speech. Meanwhile, the

number who feel she should stay has increased to 42 per cent. It comes as Theresa May warns Tory rebels and Remoaner MPs she “will not tolerate” attempts to “block the democratic wishes of the British people” by undermining the Brexit process Her

stark warning comes amid fears her “weak” Government is not in a position to negotiate the UK’s divorce from the European Union following internal rows over Brexit, the recent resignation of two Cabinet members and sex abuse allegation in Westminster. Sources close to the EU’s negotiators have suggested the UK “is very weak” which they claim “makes negotiations very difficult”. But Mrs May has hit back as she rallied her Government from “all sides” to “come together and negotiate the best possible Brexit deal”. She added: “Let me be clear Brexit is happening on Friday, March 29 2019, at 11pm.” Writing in the Telegraph the Prime Minister said: “Let no-one doubt our determination or question our resolve, Brexit is happening. “Whether people voted Remain or Leave, I believe that what most people want now is for us to come together and negotiate the best possible Brexit deal for our country’s future. “Members on all sides should come together in scrutinising this Bill.”