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‘Makes NO SENSE’ Foreign aid ‘should be spent on NHS and homeless veterans’


It means Daily Express readers can now pile even more pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May’s team to scrap a commitment that sees billions of pounds slide out of the country each year.

By filling in the form printed on this page and signing the new online petition ministers can be pressured into reconsidering rules that tie Britain into spending at least £13.3 billion a year overseas.

Like millions across the country Robert Barnes has become increasingly disillusioned at how Whitehall fritters taxpayers’ money on foreign aid while vital services in the UK are starved of cash.

He set up the petition on the official UK Government website urging ministers to plough Official Development Assistance money, or foreign aid, into the NHS, elderly services and adult social care.

Married council officer Mr Barnes, 52, of Oldham, Lancs, has now decided to team up with the Daily Express’ Stop the Foreign Aid Madness crusade.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures in six months to trigger a Parliamentary debate and potentially force a change in the law that sees 0.7 per cent of our national income spent on foreign aid every year.

With the support of our army of readers this newspaper believes we can make that happen.

Mr Barnes said: “The Daily Express has always been known as the voice of the people and this is an extremely important crusade. Previous campaigns, like inheritance tax and getting us out of the EU, have struck a chord with the public and that’s why I am supporting this one.


Billions of pounds slide out of the country each year to go overseas

The amount of foreign aid we hand out is projected to increase to £16billion by 2020 yet look at what is happening to the NHS

Robert Barnes, council officer

“This is simply about getting a message across to the people that their money can be better used. Why are we giving away so much cash in foreign aid when it could be used to fund doctors, nurses, police officers and house homeless veterans here? It makes no sense.”

On Wednesday night former international development secretary Priti Patel was forced to offer a humiliating resignation after it was discovered she met top level Israeli politicians, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while on a family holiday. She did this without informing Downing Street or the Foreign Office.

Despite her departure the Daily Express has vowed to continue to lobby tirelessly for the bloated foreign aid budget to be slashed with money urgently diverted to the frontline here.

Mr Barnes is one of 75,000 readers who have so far signed up to our crusade by sending in coupons or adding their support on our website.