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Gordon Brown predicts ‘CRISIS POINT’ which will see Brexit REVERSED


FORMER Prime Minister Gordon Brown has predicted the downfall of Brexit, suggesting next summer could see Britain’s decision to leave the European Union reversed. The former Labour Party leader foresees a “crisis point” being reached

when Brexiteers aren’t satisfied campaign pledges are going to be delivered or even possible from the UK Government’s negotiations. However, Mr Brown said there would have to still be a huge “game-changer” for the Government to tell the

electorate “you got it wrong” by backing Brexit. Speaking to the BBC, the former Prime Minister said: “I think what’s going to happen is we’re going to come to a crisis point next summer. “By next summer, the public will have made up their minds that

the four ‘red lines’ that the Government had actually set in place are not going to be achieved, they’re going to be crossed. “So we will not have proper control of borders, we will not have proper control of our money, we’re still going to pay loads of money

to the European Union. “We will not have proper control of our courts and laws because we will still be governed in many ways by the European Court of Justice and we will not have proper control of trade because we won’t have individual trade

agreements for years. “And so all the propositions that were made by the Leave camp, including £350 million, remember, a week for the National Health Service, they’re not being achieved.” Mr Brown insisted the position will have to be assessed

next summer when “crisis point” is reached. He added: “In my view, you cannot go back to the electorate and say, ‘you were wrong.’ “You can’t do that. People have made their decision, it’s right for them to see that respected. “And in democracy,

once a decision is made, and it was made in Scotland, you have to respect it in each area where it was made.” While declaring democracy must be respected, Mr Brown said the question needs to be asked about a possible “game-changer” being

introduced to the argument. “Is there something that we didn’t get right the last time that would persuade millions of Leave voters to think it was worth going for Remain?” he asked. However, he conceded the “game-changer must, of course, have

the support of the rest of Europe” – who would have to vote to end the Article 50 process. Mr Brown concluded: “I would like to see a situation at the end of negotiations where we say that’s what you get when you leave, but is there something else that is a game-changer that you get if you are prepared to stay in.”