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Brussels will miss the UK more! Croatian PM says EU will suffer without UK’s budget input


THE European Union will suffer without the United Kingdom’s financial and security input, according to the Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic. Andrej Plenkovic, a supporter of the European Union has claimed that Britain will “lose” when it leaves

the bloc as he said the result of the Brexit vote was “negative”. The Croatian Prime Minister said the negotiations were now in “unchartered waters” and admitted that he “regretted” the referendum. Speaking to France 24, Mr Plenkovic accepted that

the EU would also be damaged by Brexit. He said: “First of all I very much regret the referendum, which was held in the United Kingdom, the result was a negative one.

“A negative one because in my view it was certainly a lose for David Cameron as a Prime Minister who called for this referendum. “It will certainly be a lose in terms of economic, financial, social effects for the UK as well as for its global position in

international relations. And it is a lose for the European Union. The union without a permanent member of the security council. “Without a champion of the free trade, without a country that strongly contributes to our security, our defence, it is not the

same type of union. Also in terms of budgetary implications because of the contribution of the United Kingdom. “I have the feeling that Theresa May and her Government are given a task that she has been given by someone else, and it is an

ungrateful position, if I say it in this way.” The Croatian Prime Minster said that he “did not think” that the EU was trying to damage the UK in Brexit talks. Mr Plenkovic added that he thought if “false data” and “non accurate” information was not fair in

the EU referendum. “Maybe if it was fair then in the whole debate then maybe the result would have been different,” he added. The Croatian Prime Minister also said that it would be “very unusual” for there to be a second referendum, but claimed it

was up to the UK if there was another one. The British Government have said that they are close to agreeing a deal over the Irish border and EU citizens, in the first stage of Brexit negotiations. Theresa May said the UK would negotiate the divorce

settlement demanded by the EU “line by line”. The President of the European Council Donald Tusk has given the EU’s Brexit negotiators the green light to prepare for talks with Britain, which are expected to begin in December. The EU said the key issues of the Irish border, EU citizens and the divorce settlement must see “sufficient progress” before the negotiations move onto the next stage of talks.