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Hungary: Protecting Europe from Soros Like Game of Thrones Fight Against Winter Threat


Nations in Central Europe have joined together to save the continent from George Soros’ plan for a ‘mixed, Islamised’ Europe, according to a senior Hungarian MEP, who compared the Visegrad nations’ opposition to forced mass migration to fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

Fidesz MEP and vice-chair of the European People’s Party (EPP), the European Parliament’s largest voting bloc, József Szájer on Saturday told a crowded “town hall” meeting in Eger that politicians in Western Europe refuse to defend the interests of their own people and countries because they are in hock to globalist financier George Soros and his plans for a chaotic “open society”, which involve the importation of a million migrants per year at European taxpayers’ expense.

“Europe has lost both the will and the ability to protect itself,” he said, telling the crowd of more than 150 Hungarians that Greece should be asked: “If you were able to defend against the Persians for so many years, why do you say it’s impossible to turn back the migrants at sea?”

Szájer added that, if European Commission plans to flood the entire continent with third world migrants — which Hungary says are closely inspired by Soros  — came to fruition, then the nation would resemble Belgian capital Brussels  — where he said there are Muslim-occupied regions which Christians no longer dare inhabit.

“Just like when Buda was occupied by the Turks”, the EPP figure declared, likening migrant-dominated cities in Western Europe today to the violent Muslim conquest and occupation of the continent’s east hundreds of years ago.

During this time, Ottoman Turks levied various taxes such as jizya, the Islamic tax demanded from non-Muslims living under Muslim rule. The most infamous of these was the “blood tax”, which saw the Ottomans remove every fifth male child from European families and force them to serve in their army.