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‘Go ahead EU – make our day!’ More Britons want no deal than bad Brexit deal, says poll


The revelation came in a snap poll conducted by Sky News, which found a large swathe of the British public want the Government to play hardball in talks with EU chiefs.

According to the data, 74 per cent of those surveyed think a no deal on Brexit is better than a bad deal.

On the flip side, at least 26 per cent think any deal would be better than no deal for Britain.

The findings come amid a fifth round of talks between the EU and the British Brexit team.

Negotiations are being bogged down in squabbling over details of the divorce settlement, including the amount of money Britain owes the bloc.

But the British Prime Minister said yesterday that while Britain was not “ramping up” for a no deal, money was being used to prepare for every eventuality including leaving without an agreement.

She said: “We are preparing for every eventuality. We are committing money to prepare for Brexit including a no-deal scenario.

“We are not ramping up a no-deal scenario, we are actively working with the negotiations with the European Union to ensure that we get a good deal.”

The idea of a “no deal” received widespread support among people on Twitter, but there were also those who thought that it was important to carve out a clear blueprint for the future.