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‘The Queen’s laughing all the way to the bank’ SNP votes to stop public funding the Royals

Delegates at the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) Conference in Glasgow today voted “overwhelmingly” to repeal the Sovereign Grant Act 2011, which funds the Royal Family, so the cash could be spent “on the wider public good”.

Julie Hepburn, the party’s political education convenor, who brought the resolution, claimed it was “not about your views on the monarchy” – before slating the Queen’s family and all they stand for.

She accused Westminster of changing how the Royal Household is funded to “quell any potential public opposition to the bumper rise that was coming, mainly to do up Buckingham Palace”.

The Royals used to be funded through a Civil List, paid by the Exchequer, and three Grant-in-aid funds, paid for by the Department for Transport and Department for Culture.

However that was changed with the Sovereign Grant 2011, which came into effect in 2012, to consolidate the four funding sources into a single system.

In Scotland, the Royal Family generates about £14million in revenue each year.

Responsibility for Royal assets north of the Border are being transferred from Westminster to Holyrood.

In a stinging summing up of the Royal Family, Ms Hepburn, said: “It’s basically the equivalent of the Royal Family winning the lottery every single year.

“No need for the Royal Household to play euromillions.

“With the Sovereign Grant, Her Majesty is laughing all the way to the bank.”

She said the Grant uses the profits of the Crown estate to fund the Royals, but with two caveats, including funding “cannot fall below the previous year’s payment”.