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Brexit nemeses MAPPED: Member states hold ALL the cards and THIS is who REALLY hates UK


Unforgiving nations are said to be determined to turn the screw on the UK in the wake of the momentous decision to leave the EU.

And so much so, they are even taking a harder line than the EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

It is understood Mr Barnier was keen to “close the chapter” on the question of citizen rights in the wake of Brexit, but member states “wouldn’t let him”.

Charles Grant, director for thinktank the Centre for European Reform, tweeted: “I understand Michel Barnier wanted to close chapter on citizens rights – UK had ceded on 95% but member states wouldn’t let him.”

Mr Barnier told David Davis Brussels will not discuss a future relationship with the UK Government until it agrees to pay its divorce bill and say how it will treat EU citizens.

And last week it emerged France and Germany are plotting to block Michel Barnier replacing Jean-Claude Juncker as EU Commission President.

Damning papers revealed Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel blocked any chance of Brexit talks moving onto a transition deal or trade talks.

It comes after a shock survey revealed Britain’s enemies and allies in the wake of Britain’s Brexit.