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Farage urges May to PULL OUT of Brexit talks at the NEXT EU meeting to avoid disaster deal


NIGEL FARAGE has urged the British Government to pull out of Brexit talks now – or face a disastrous trade deal. Nigel Farage used his LBC phone-in radio show today to confront those “terrified” about a no deal scenario. The former Ukip leader and arch-Brexiteer said Britain looked weak in Europe because of its fragile mandate after the

botched election. Mr Farage reiterated his claim that no deal was better than a bad deal – and warned that Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier would only allow a bad deal to a weak UK government. He argued that a weak leader would secure a

weak deal for the country – in which case he would prefer no deal at all. Mr Farage said it was absolutely crucial the UK had a strong leader when negotiating with the EU. He urged Mrs May to show “more determination” at the next EU leaders meeting

on the 19th October and threaten to pull out of talks. The MEP said: “Unless May does something drastic to turn this around, she will be gone by Christmas. “This anti-Brexit pressure group, BrexitWatch, they are claiming that I am afraid of a no

Brexit deal. “Listen here, I coined the phrase ‘no deal is better than a bad deal. Well, no deal is better than where we are now. “Paying up to £10bn every single year into an organisation that over regulates many of our industries takes away our fishing

waters and bans us from making our trade deals with other parts of the world.” Mr Farage said: “I would like a grown-up, sensible trade deal. We are a great export market for the EU, we are happy to keep that. “But from what I can see from the

Junckers, the Barniers the Verhofstadts is total obstructionism. “Anyway they’re far too busy to defending police barbarity in Catalonia. I’m not scared in the least.” He added that even the most pro-Remain voices in the Tory Party like Ruth Davidson

had “accepted” the likelihood of a no deal. Earlier on the radio show, Mr Farage interview fellow Brexiteer Peter Bone, who also encouraged Mrs May to shock the EU at her meeting later this month and threaten to pull out of all talks.