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Where did that money go? Caller puts Sadiq Khan on the spot over £40m Garden Bridge flop


SADIQ KHAN was grilled over the Garden Bridge project which cost taxpayers millions and was scrapped earlier this year. A furious caller pressed the London

Mayor on where the money for the Garden Bridge project had been spent. Sadiq Khan explained he was unwilling to continue allowing any more money from

taxpayers to be spent on the project. Speaking on LBC, caller Daniel raged: “I know you cancelled it, and rightly so, but I want some sort of clarity on what that money

was spent on. “I know a hell of a lot of money was spent and not a lot got back in return. “I believe there was a promotional video and drawings of what the Garden

Bridge was going to look like but apart from that, not a brick was laid and a lot of money was spent. “Are we going to get some clarity on where the money went.” The London Mayor explained why he put a stop to any more taxpayers money being

spent on the project first dreamed up by Boris Johnson. He replied: “Strictly speaking I didn’t cancel the Garden Bridge. “What I said to the Garden Bridge Trust is, I am unwilling for any more taxpayers money to be used in this project because if

you remember when the first Garden Bridge project was conceived and first spoken about it was going to be bridge paid for by donors rather than the taxpayer. “This is an example by the way of Mayor’s interfering with TFL, all the procurement process

were ignored, corners were cut and the Garden Bridge Trust were getting guarantees and money given to them by a combination of central government and the previous Mayor of London. “Roughly speaking £40million has been spent. There was a report

published when I first became Mayor which set out where the money had been spent. “A lot of it had been spent on the consultancies, on the firms, the architects, the engineers.” The LBC host James O’Brien also was left confused at how much money had been spent on the Garden Bridge project. He added: “I think the thing that people like me and Daniel don’t understand, how the numbers can be so huge. “It’s all very well saying it’s in the public domain… But I look at tens of millions of pounds, and I can’t see a sausage and I want to know why.” Mr Khan refused to give a mayoral guarantee – a condition of the planning permission – for future running costs of the project due to concerns over its financial viability, after a report from Dame Margaret Hodge reviewed the Garden Bridge project. The project, which was like to cost more than £200million, would have seen a garden over the Thames, with over 250 trees and thousands of other plants.