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Professor Keeps Job After Call For ‘Dead Cops’ But Conservative Fired For 4 ‘Racist’ Words


Professor Keeps Job After Call For ‘Dead Cops’ But Conservative Fired For 4 ‘Racist’ Words After college professor and violent Antifa terrorist Mike Isaacson advocated for

the murder of police officers, he was allowed to keep his job indoctrinating young minds. However, as soon as a white conservative teacher wrote 4 simple words, she

was branded a racist and immediately fired from her teaching position. In mid-September, Mike Isaacson, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and co-founder of the violent Antifa organization Smash Racism D.C., was exposed for his

advocation of the deaths of police officers. Despite his social media accounts boasting threats of violence and encouraging terrorist acts against those with whom he disagrees, Isaacson remains employed at the university on administrative leave.

Unfortunately, liberalism means that while one side can freely issue terrorist threats without fearing appropriate consequences, those with differing yet peaceful opinions are to be severely punished, as one conservative teacher discovered. WREG reports

that Mississippi school teacher Cammie Rone was terminated after investigators discovered that she simply asked why black people who despise living in America don’t just “move back to Africa.” Although Rone never made any threats with her

Facebook post, the South Panola School District determined that Rone couldn’t express such an opinion, quickly dismissing her from a 2nd-grade teaching position at Batesville Intermediate School. “If blacks in this county are so offended, no one is

forcing them to stay here. Why don’t they pick up and move back to Africa where they will have to work for a living. I am sure our government will pay for it! We pay for everything else,” her post stated. After seeing the post, black parents called the

school and demanded her termination because, as one mother described, her words “rubbed me the wrong way.” Shortly after, Rone was placed on administrative leave and eventually fired. “I don’t feel right with her teaching him,” said parent Keboni

Anderson. “She came to me as a good person and then when I read the comment it rubbed me the wrong way.” Another parent, Tammie Thornton, alleged that she had previous problems with Rone but failed to mention what they were, according to

KFOR. “And then for you to be in a public school system! One where we’ve got black students, we’ve got white students, and we’ve got other students, you should not go on social media and say anything pertaining to race,” said Thornton. Rone maintains

that her account was hacked and that she has never expressed any opinion on social media concerning race. She reiterated that her Facebook page is dedicated to showing cattle and recipes but not political issues. She did post on Facebook, “I think my account was hacked. I keep getting messages about racist posts, but when I go to my page, I can’t see it.” She went on to write she posts about “cows, recipes and home improvement stuff not racism.” “I don’t think her account was hacked. I really don’t,” said Thornton. While Rone’s alleged opinion might not be popular among the school’s black parents, it’s not only her right to express it, but it’s nothing less than truthful and logical. Though not every black American hates the U.S. and its values, many have expressed their disgust with American values and maintain that other countries are far more progressive in areas of equality. Of course, they can never identify these nations but continue to complain about oppression, which undeniably mocks those in foreign countries who experience true political oppression on a daily basis. Although Rone’s opinion may be considered offensive to some, possibly those America-hating minorities to which it applies, Isaacson’s social media are filled to the brim with discriminatory and violent extremist views.