Home Video ALDI Submits To Islam Over Allowing ISLAMISTS Employee To NOT Serve Alcohol

ALDI Submits To Islam Over Allowing ISLAMISTS Employee To NOT Serve Alcohol


This is allegedly a progressive Christian/secular society with its own values and beliefs that have taken centuries to develop and mature – yet here we are in the 21st

century viewing all aspects of our lives through the lens of islam?! Should muslims serve alcohol? Should women serve in sharia courts? Does the yashmak influence French haute couture? Should we risk offending muslims on public transport by

crossing our legs and showing the soles of our shoes? …. Answer: I don’t give a fuck! I am British, with my own culture. I don’t want another minute of my precious life wasted on this primitive shit. We’ve advanced in all respects since the

Enlightenment to the point where the 21st century should be a golden age for us. But no, it’s all being trashed like the irreplacable tetrapylon in Palmyra.

Instead of a bright future full of technological and medical breakthroughs we are being dragged back into the dark ages – having to legislate for slavery, genital

mutilation, people-trafficking and witchcraft. And all the while we are expected to “celebrate” multiculturalism that is in fact monoculturalism because there is one very

dominant culture that is being imported wholesale into Europe just now.

While we celebrate the exponential growth of an intolerant, regressive theocracy in our country we are also expected to endure the denigration of our own culture and our belief system. Look to Germany, where some politicians have begun to suggest that indigenous Germans leave the country if they are unhappy, and that they allow the “new Germans” to take over. Most of the “liberals” in this country have no idea what they are doing to us and to future generations – the ones that do ought to be imprisoned and the rest should be sectioned and removed from our society until they concede that the emperor has no clothes.