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Police officer daggering girls at Nottinghill carniva


Jack Sen asks “Isn’t this sexual assault? He did NOT ask permission from one of the women, literally just grabbed her and lifted her off the ground.

Imagine if a white college student, or someone who looked like Trump behaved in this manner? What if she felt that if she rejected his advances she’d be seen as

racist? Isnt this what liberals supposedly fight against? A sense of male entitlement?
And what about the kids? If this is supposed to be a family event shouldnt officers be

stopping this sort of thing? Ban the event, ban this crap and let’s undo the last 30 years of this nation’s history.” Jack Sen

From BritRen’s Nathan Reade
“Absolutely vile, imagine if you will the outrage and “summer of riots” of white police officers conducting a stop and search on a known criminal. This isn’t harmless fun,

it’s absolutely grotesque. This man should be instantly dismissed from his job but instead he is hailed as a comical character of the “people””