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Nurse Uncovers Horror Show After What Sadistic ISLAMIST Worker Did To 90 Year Old Woman


While making her rounds in an elderly care home, a nurse entered the room of a sweet 90-year-old patient to wake her. However, as soon as she opened the curtains, she was greeted by a real-life horror show left by an employee who was supposed to simply clean up the loving grandmother.
In the left’s attempt to create diversity, Muslims are thrust into crucial authoritative positions despite lacking the qualifications to assume such occupations. Judging

solely by their minority status, these multicultural additions soon prove that their religious and cultural beliefs supersede our own values and morality. Before long, the

devastating consequences of hiring based on their demographical contribution surfaces as their leftist allies are nowhere to be found.

Thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Islamic bias, Canada’s Muslims are finding that their religious status trumps the nation’s legal justice. Likely a diversity hire, 53-

year-old Shojaadin Mohammad-Zadeh, also identified as Soja Zadeh, took advantage of his minority privilege in the most horrific way. After gaining employment at

Mackenzie-Richmond Hill Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Zadeh repaid his gracious employers in the most stomach-churning way imaginable.

Canadian-based Global News reports that a care taker walked in and opened the curtains to 90-year-old Sonja Shirdan’s nursing home room to find Zadeh performing “ungodly” sex acts on the terrified pneumonia-ridden patient. An investigation concluded that Zadeh had repeatedly sexually and physically assaulted at least 5 elderly patients while working as a care taker who was in charge of bathing, feeding, and changing his victims.

As unimaginable as his sexual abuse is, the hospital’s response was even more despicable. Instead of reporting the incidents to authorities or the victims’ loved ones, the hospital quietly terminated Zadeh, allowing him to be hired by yet another nursing home in which he again sexually assaulted his elderly patients, according to CBC News.

Over a month after catching Zadeh in the act, Mackenzie-Richmond Hospital finally notified one of the victims’ family members, who in turn contacted the police. Disturbingly, this only resulted in Zadeh receiving a slap on the wrist, probably due to his minority status. In January 2016, despite sexually assaulting at least 5 victims, Zadeh was convicted of only 1 count of sexual assault, earning him a paltry 3-year probation sentence with absolutely no jail time. Now, Sonja’s family is fighting back, filing a civil suit against the hospital for their negligence.
September 14 2015. Nearly two years ago. On the week of her 90th birthday, my grandmother, Sonja Shirdan, tied down, was…

Posted by Ran Shirdan on Thursday, August 17, 2017
“She couldn’t speak. She didn’t speak for months,” Ran Shirdan, Sonja’s grandson, told Global News. “She was holding her fists over her chest part of the time, over her crotch part of the time, clenching her teeth and just having a very frightened, angry look on her face. Her bottom lip was bruised, all shades of blue. Her arms were battered and bruised.

“One of the nurses walked in and opened the drape around the bed and saw him — him being a hospital PSW who is responsible for bathing and changing patients — doing ungodly things to my grandmother,” Ran said, recalling what officials said.

“They said it was horrifying and horrible, we won’t tell you more… I was sitting there and I said, ‘What did police do?’ and they said, ‘We didn’t call the police, we fired him,’” Eva Shirdan, Sonja’s daughter, said.
Ran Shirdan, Sonja’s grandson, says that instead of protecting his vulnerable grandmother, hospital officials told his family that the incident was kept “within closed doors to not jeopardize the hospital’s reputation.” He added that he and his mother have been battling the legal system for 2 years without any progress and are only now gaining the media attention their elderly relative deserved all along.