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Sorry, liberals. There’s only 1 interpretation of Islam — Muhammad’s,, VIDEO

She was just stating her point of view and giving sound arguments on it. She’s not harming anyone.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion without repercussions.
I find it so strange that the Left is so avid in it’s defense of a religion that stands against nearly everything it advocates for.

I was recently accused of having a “categorical perspective” of Islam. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what interpretation I, you, the “moderate Muslims,” or even the

Islamic State have. There’s only one interpretation of Islam that is approved by Allah in the Quran — Muhammad’s. Let’s take a look at how the Islamic Prophet, Allah’s

messenger, the “perfect man” Muhammad interpreted the Quran.

If a Muslim person is truly honest before Islam doctrine, there really is no room for peace against nonbelievers. Moderate Muslim…yeah right. It’s only a matter of time before they become radical jihadists start forcing ‘nonbelievers’ to convert. Or these aspiring Islam extremists will cut off the heads of nonbelievers. Then there’s the massive tragedy of

Sharia law. Women are subdued into poor status of property. Can’t go anywhere nor talk to anyone without the approval of their extremist husband. To wage war, not a chance they would stand their ground and hand in hand physical combat. They all run like

cowards. Without their IED’s and m16 rifles, they really cannot fight. You know in Israel the Jews allowed a minora crafted with a crescent moon. But we don’t see Islams rolling

out a welcome carpet to Judeo-Christians. It’s no surprise at all, really. After 911, Islam personas flooded Western Mass Media insisting that they are a religion (people) of peace. (And another insurrection goes off!) Any self-respecting female with a brain would not want to remain as a Muslim woman. Like any young child in the Catholic church wouldn’t want to be alone with any clergy. (Too much apostasy in Catholicism) All the bullcrap on liberal mass media is pathetic, bending people toward ‘ideals of tolerance’ and winning the trust of society accepting Muslim ideology, even after the same ideology tried to destroy the United States, continuing to slaughter Judeo-Christian evangelicals in places like Jordan, Afghanistan, and Egypt. I may not approve of homosexuality, but I certainly don’t approve of gunning anyone down because of their sexual preference!! Life, all life is sacred.