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government of Finland Wants To Raise Taxes To Pay For Muslim Refugee Housing


Last week the government of Finland finally showed what the true monetary cost of taking in scumbag Muslim Refugees really is. In an abrupt move, the government of Finland

proposed increasing capital gains tax and income tax on high-income earners to help pay for the increase of refugees expected to arrive this coming year .

The globalist Finnish Finance Minister Alexander Stubb said the highest bracket of capital gains tax would be raised by 1 percentage point while people earning more than 72,300

euros ($81,000) would be required to pay a so-called solidarity tax for two years, lowering the threshold from 90,000 euros. Stubb added that this additional revenue will

help cover the higher immigration costs which are estimated to be about 114 million euros this year and which may very well be even higher in 2018.

The citizens of Finland should be out protesting in the streets over this. But I’m sure since it’s on the so-called “rich” who make more than 81k a year, it’s ok with most of the population. And since when is making 81k a year considered being rich? 1 percent isn’t the end of the world, of course, it’s not, but why do people need to pay for this crap to invade their country? Why is Europe hell bent on becoming, if they aren’t already, a Muslim filled cesspool which breeds terrorism from the religion of Satan that is Islam?