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‘You exist because of us’ Brit MEP berates ‘blood sucking’ Brussels over wasted tax money


A BRITISH MEP launched a blistering attack on European Parliament officials, declaring they only exist because of subsidisation from the UK.

Jonathan Arnott, Ukip’s general secretary, compared the numerous political parties which exist within the European Union’s parliament to “blood-sucking insects”.

He accused Brussels leadership of wasting taxpayers money by allowing different unelected parties to form across the bloc.

Speaking in Strasbourg, during a discussion on funding of the European parties, Mr Arnott said: “When you state subsidise something you encourage more of it.

“Farmers set aside land more regularly because the European Union pays them to do so. We pay child benefit because it’s social desirable to encourage people to have children.

“This debate concerns European political parties, you, I’m sure, will recall the old jokes suggesting the word politics derives from the Greek word ‘poly’ meaning many and ticks meaning blood sucking insects.

“The irony of an MEP saying this is not out on me, but we’re subsidised politicians. European political parties don’t appear on ballot papers, they don’t form governments, they don’t even correspond to the political groups in this place.

“They exist because we subsidise them. If we actually needed them they’d exist without subsidy. Let’s save the taxpayers money and find out whether or not we really need them, shall we?”

Mr Arnott’s attack comes after Britain’s Brexit attempts have been left on uncertain ground after Theresa May’s election shambles.

Scores of European leaders have claimed the door will remain open for the UK to stay in the bloc, however, the European Parliament’s chief negotiator has claimed it will be on worse terms.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Guy Verhofstadt hinted there would be a price to pay for the UK it if followed Emmanuel Macron’s promise of an open door.

“Emmanuel Macron, the new French president spoke about an open door. I agree,” Mr Verhofstadt said.

“But like Alice in Wonderland, not all the doors are the same. It will be a brand new door, with a new Europe, a Europe without rebates, without complexity, with real powers and unity. That is the door towards Europe.”