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VIDEO: B***k Man Beat To Edge Of Death By ISLAMISTS Over 7 Words He Said To Them But BLM’s Response Was Worse


A black man in Australia was brutally beaten, by men who are reported to be Muslim immigrants, after he muttered seven words to them on a train. The immigrant Muslims didn’t like what the man said and they unleashed on him. One man can be seen in the video knocking the black man senseless with fist after fist.

The media was taken back when they saw the brutal fight on a train car. They couldn’t believe this type of nonsense takes place on a normal day.

Black Lives Matter is nowhere to be found. Even though the video states that the black man threw the first punch, and deserved an ass-kicking, the BLM crowd is usually fast to jump on any attack where the black man is the victim. Sure enough, the Black Lives Matter activists aren’t anywhere to be found.

While boarding a subway one evening, witnesses were horrified when a group of migrants began brutally beating an outnumbered black man. However, the Black Lives Matter movement and liberal apologists are utterly silent all because of the victim’s 7 simple words.

Thanks to Australia’s liberal-progressive approach to immigration, Islamic supremacists have taken the opportunity to flood the borders, transforming tourist areas into Sharia-compliant zones. Because Muslims are arguably the loudest special interest group in the West, despite Christians being the most persecuted, they are slowly being granted exemption from justice as their sheepish hosts exhaust themselves in an effort to quell terrorism with appeasement.