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VIDEO: Le Pen Rejects EU Flag: ‘I Want to Be President of the French Republic, Not the European Commission’


Marine Le Pen, the leader in the first round of France’s approaching presidential decisions, demanded she would not show up before an European Union banner in a meeting with the TF1 TV station.

“I need to be President of the French Republic, not of the European Commission,” she clarified in an announcement.

“More so since I consider that the European Union has done a lot of damage to our nation and to our kin, be it in financial matters, in social matters, or in the matter of the vanishing of outskirts.

“This will be my first measure: to reestablish national fringes to the French, to recapture authority with a specific end goal to know who is entering our nation [in order] to battle against the threat of Islamist fear mongering [and] vagrants [who] come and hit us in the heart”.

Tf1 visitors ordinarily show up close to an EU signal fastened to a French tricolor at the same time, dissimilar to adversary hopeful Emmanuel Macron, Ms. Le Pen demanded that lone the French banner ought to highlight close by her.

The Front National pioneer’s dedication to closure France’s enrollment of the borderless Schengen range, depicted as “adequately a worldwide visa free zone for psychological oppressors” by previous Interpol boss Robert Noble, sets her on a crash course with the European Commission. The EU’s unelected official is discreetly panicked that a Le Pen administration could convey the European venture to a dramatic stop.

“From the [European] Commission’s perspective, accomplishment for Marine Le Pen is a fiasco and an existential danger to the European venture,” an unknown high-positioning authority admitted in March 2017. “We can survive a Brexit, however not a Frexit.”

The 48-year-old has not by and large dedicated to Frexit, but rather has pronounced that opponents who guarantee to actualize approaches on security and ensuring French laborers which are illegal by EU law are misleading the French individuals.

She has promised that she will demand the EU acknowledge changes reestablishing the forces of national governments over a wide scope of strategy ranges, or else sort out a choice on leaving the alliance.

“What is in question in this race is the progression of France as a free country, our reality as a people,” she said in February 2017. “[T]he individuals are waking – the tide of history has turned.”