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VIDEO: Hungary: “We do not need a single migrant” says PM Orban


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern held a joint press conference following talks on the EU’s migration policies, in Budapest, Tuesday.

Orban suggested that the European Commission advocated migration as being beneficial “due to financial and demographic reasons”, however disagrees that it is the case, citing himself as one of the “few prime ministers who questions this.”

SOT, Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary (Hungarian): “The documents provided by the EU Commission often states that due to financial and demographic reasons we are in need of immigration. Those who come will settle here. This is the general standing point of the EU. I am one of those few prime ministers who questions this. I do not oppose this in name of all Europeans, because I’m not entitled to do so, but I do have the right to do that in the name of all Hungarians. In other words, Hungary has no need for a single migrant. For the Hungarian economy, and for the future of Hungary to be sustainable, we do not need a single migrant.”

SOT, Christian Kern, Chancellor of Austria (German): “At these kinds of debates we have to point out that thanks to the provisions on the Hungarian-Serbian border, there was a significant drop in the Austrian and German immigration. This means that we have to clearly say that these two countries – our German neighbours and also Austria, – lets say, profited from these provisions. Based on these facts, we got obligations. We say: OK, if we are beneficiary of this process, it means we also have to provide support as much as we can, and take the responsibility for the things which are happening on Serbian territory in front of the Hungarian borders.”