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VIDEO: ‘You’re even WORSE than CAMERON!’ May’s leadership savaged by ‘Monster of Brussels’


Martin Selmayr, head of staff to EU Commission president Jean Claude-Junker, gave a somber appraisal of Britain’s prospects amid converses with pull back from the alliance.

What’s more, he delighted in his notoriety for being the “beast” of Brussels, depicting his moniker as “complimenting”.

Depicting the present Number 10 organization, Mr Selmayr told the Financial Times: “In London it resembles a fortification, it was a dugout in Cameron’s opportunity and it is a shelter now – it’s far more detestable.

“It’s hard to impart and see each other on the off chance that you don’t leave the closet.Mrs May and Brexit serve David Davis have kept their cards undauntedly near their trunks in the keep running up to Brexit talks startiing.

They were fruitful in overcoming alterations to the PM’s Brexit charge looking for certifications over EU residents living in Britain, contending Number 10 did not have any desire to “demonstrate its hand” before Brussels did.

However, Remainers, including Lib Dem pioneer Tim Farron, have asserted the position is less to do with keeping a poker face and more probable the Government has no firm anticipates how to approach the transactions.

One of the greatest obstacles confronting moderators is the questionable £50billion ‘Brexit Bill” – a request Mr Selmayr is apparently pushing for actually.

He was also critical of the way British ministers conducted themselves in Europe.

“It’s very hard to judge how they see things,” Mr Selmayr said of Whitehall staff, adding they were “never here [Brussels] to talk to us”.

Mr Selmayr said he first saw the fundemental difference between Britain and the rest of Europe during a speech by Margaret Thatcher in 1993.

He said the former Prime Minister ‘blasted” her successor John Major for his pro-Europe stance and said: “For the Germans and French it is unthinkable to see the European project only as a market. THeresa May

“It is an instrument to achieve something more.”

Mr Selmayr has a fearsome reputation with the EU as an enforcer, stamping his and President Junker’s authority on all Commission policy.

He been dubbed a “monster” and a “Rasputin” type figure for his authoritian style – and seems happy with the labels.

He said: “It can be flattering if it means I’m not a wimp.”