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WE ARE F****Đ: ISLAMIST Refugee RAPED a BOY, 10, in his Sydney home says what he did ‘is ( NOT a CRIME )because it is acceptable in his homeland


A displaced person who assaulted a ten-year-old kid has asserted he didn’t know sexually attacking the youngster wasn’t right as it might have been ‘socially worthy’ in his country.

Mufiz Rahaman disclosed to Sydney’s Downing Center Court assaulting youngsters was not seen as ethically wrong in his local Myanmar when he conceded to the bothered rape of a 10-year-old evacuee on Wednesday, the Daily Telegraph announced.

The 20-year-old and his young casualty are both stateless Rohingya Muslims – a gathering of individuals considered unlawful settlers from Bangladesh by the Buddhist-dominant part in Myanmar – who came to Australia to escape religious abuse. The court heard Rahaman went after the young man while he was living with a gathering of evacuees, including his dad, at an empty RSL club in Lakemba, a suburb in Sydney’s south west, on January 8, 2015.

As per records offered to the court, he crawled into the tyke’s room – which he imparted to his dad – as he dozed and removed the kid’s underpants.

He then assaulted the kid, who landed in Australia in 2013, while his dad was in another room get ready lunch.

At the point when the kid’s dad returned he saw the entryway had been closed and caught Rahaman tell the kid: ‘I’ll give you cash for this.’

‘My dad will hit me,’ the kid reacted.

The kid’s father raged into the room and discovered Rahaman lying on top of his child who was face down on the bed with his jeans around his knees.

He asked: ‘What actions are you taking to this young man? You’re an adult.’The pedophile denied doing anything to his child however the young man told his dad he had been assaulted.

Rahaman, who came to Australia in 2012, was captured two days after the fact after another relative revealed the episode to police.

He submitted to a DNA test which was coordinated with semen found on the casualty.

As per the Daily Telegraph, Rahaman told the court he had been a casualty of sexual mishandle as a youngster before he moved to Australia.

Judge Andrew Scotting said Rahaman neglected to comprehend his activities would “physically” and ‘mentally harm’ his young casualty.

He additionally said Rahaman, who demanded he thought rape was not seen as ethically wrong in his country, had not acknowledged obligation regarding his activities and exhibited an ‘absence of profound quality’, as indicated by the Daily Telegraph.

‘There is a requirement for particular discouragement … The offense seems to have been (saw) as being socially adequate direct in the guilty party’s youth,’ Judge Scotting said.

Judge Scotting sentenced Rahaman to five years imprison with a non-parole time of three years.

The 20-year-old will be qualified for parole in March 2018 – yet the judge noted he had a direct to high danger of re culpable.