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‘Who is the real monster?’ Internet turns on trolls who criticised ‘indifferent’ MUSLIM woman seen walking through terror attack


A column broke out today over a photograph of a Muslim lady who was trolled subsequent to strolling through the dread assault on Westminster Bridge while taking a gander at her cell phone.

The person on foot wearing a chestnut headscarf and dim coat was envisioned holding one hand to her head while strolling past a casualty being dealt with on the asphalt.

She was censured by one online networking client for supposedly seeming unconcerned with yesterday’s assault that conveyed dread to London – however others jumped to her resistance.

Trolled: The pedestrian wearing a brown headscarf and grey coat was seen walking past a victim being treated on the pavement while looking at her mobile phone

Walking past: The woman was criticised for allegedly appearing indifferent to the attack in London yesterday by one social media user – but others leapt to her defence

One Twitter user called ‘Texas Lone Star’ posted a picture of the woman walking past the injured victim, criticising her in a tweet to his 44,000 followers.

He said: ‘Muslim woman pays no mind to the terror attack, casually walks by a dying man while checking phone #PrayForLondon #Westminster #BanIslam.’