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she shouted: “British p*****s : ‘I won’t send a lady to prison for this,’ judge tells woman who racially abused security staff and attacked police


A woman who racially abused and physically attacked security staff and police officers in a drunken outburst was told by a judge that she had escaped jail because he would “send a lady to prison for something like this”.

Karolina Szumko, 18, became abusive and violent after being turned away from London’s Notting Hill club for being too drunk in December, the Evening Standard reported.

The Kingston University photography student had been fighting with a female friend outside the club when security staff intervened.

She told a bouncer: “You f***ing black, you shouldn’t be standing between us,” before slapping the club’s manager, Hammersmith magistrates court heard.

When police arrived she hit one officer, kicked another and then refused to let go of an officer’s leg.

Szumko, a Polish national who has lived in the UK for five years, swore at the officers as she was put in handcuffs and leg restraints and spat in the face of another.

Once in a cell at Charing Cross Police Station, she threw a glass of water over the custody officer.

The court heard that she shouted: “British p*****s, you don’t believe in any f***ing nation, you are going to f***ing die.

Szumko and her friend had shared a bottle of vodka before the attack. The court was told she is “mortified” and could barely the incident.

I hope you are horrified, it horrifies me.

Racially abusing and attacking police officers and security people, all in a public place, and that’s the result of drinking far more vodka than was good for you.

I dare say you were not aware of what was going on, and I accept what happened wouldn’t have happened apart from drinking, you are genuinely sorry.

I’m not going to send a lady to prison for something like this.


Szumko admitted three counts of assaulting a police officer, three of racially aggravated public order offences, one count of assaulting an accredited person, and one charge of common assault.