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MIGRANTS CRISIS: London ‘war zone’: Fears Paris and Stockholm riots ‘will SPREAD to UK’


The threat comes as violence erupts across some of Europe’s biggest capital cities.

Paris has been the hardest hit by rioting with mass outbreaks of unrest rocking the French capital for weeks now.

It was sparked by the alleged rape of a black youth, known only as Théo, in a Parisian suburb, early last month.

Cops arresting the 22-year-old are accused of inserting a telescopic baton into his anus as they bundled him to the ground.

But the officers involved have denied any wrongdoing, saying his injuries are consistent with an accident that happened when his tracksuit bottoms fell down.

However, the incident has sparked angry protests which have spread like wildfire across the country.

Violence has also hit Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm, in the mostly immigrant suburb of Rinkeby.Shocking pictures and videos have emerged showing burned out cars and massive fires raging.

But there are fears the mass violence won’t stay contained in those two countries.

Leave.eu – the official campaign supporting Brexit – has apocalyptically predicted that riots will erupt in London.

In a video posted on its official Twitter page, the group claimed “London Labour’s immigration policy” would lead to similar scenes in the UK.

This appears to be in reference to London’s Labour-led Assembly.