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Muslims Try To Force American Christians To Submit To Shariah Law – BIG Mistake


Just days ago a Detroit judge awarded over $100,000 in attorney’s fees in the case of a Christian, George Saieg, who was assaulted by Muslims, and then falsely accused and arrested by Dearborn police officers at the Arab Festival. Now a federal judge in Michigan has decided to allow another civil-rights claim against the city of Dearborn by four other Christians, who were also assaulted and arrested at the Arab festival, to move forward. The four were arrested by Dearborn police officers while speaking about their Christian faith to Muslims. The Christians spent the night in jail and were accused of “breaching the peace.” However, all four won acquittals from a jury in a criminal trial.

After the trial, a 96-page civil rights lawsuit was filed against the city, Mayor John B. O’Reilly, Muslim Chief of Police Ronald Haddad, 17 police officers and two executives from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce. The plaintiffs are Acts 17 Apologetics, Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood, Paul Rezkalla and Josh Hogg all Christians who are featured in this video.

The judge’s ruling is a huge victory for ALL Christians, and it allows the civil rights claims for the most egregious constitutional violations to proceed against the city and its corrupt officials. We are committed to ensuring that our Constitution and not Shariah law, which makes it a crime to preach the Gospel to Muslims, is the supreme law in this country.