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‘Why are you making TROUBLE?’VIDEO: LBC guest TAKES DOWN Gina Miller for BLOCKING Brexit


ANTI-BREXIT campaigner Gina Miller was furiously attacked over her legal challenge which means the referendum result will have to go through Parliament before Article 50 can be activated.

The caller accused the lawyer of causing “trouble” for attempting to block the will of the British people who voted for on June 23.

The caller, known only as Paul, from Southgate, claimed he was “amazed” that Ms Miller had dared to suggest that the British Parliament was a “dictatorship” earlier in the show.

“The dictatorship is the European Parliament,” he blasted, “they have got five unelected presidents, don’t they?

“I think you’ve got to get your facts right. Anyway, you say we have got to have a vote in Parliament. Well, we had a vote in Parliament before the referendum, and it was six to one to give us the referendum.

You can’t just expect the vote not to stand – this country is a democracy

LBC caller, Paul

“George Osbourne, and Mr Clegg [Nick Clegg] all made it quite clear that the public vote will stand clear and we’ll be leaving the European Union.

“Why are you trying to make trouble when the people voted to leave? That was the vote, you don’t respect the vote.

“You people are just Remoaners, you can’t just expect the vote not to stand – this country is a democracy, unlike the , which isn’t.”

Ms Miller responded to her critic by suggesting that those politicians who had told the British electorate that the vote – whatever the outcome – will be respected had “basically lied” to them.

“They lied,” she added, “because they knew it wasn’t binding.

“It is absolutely right the British people voted to leave. I don’t have a problem with that, what I do have a problem with is the Government behaviour.

“If you say the EU has five unelected leaders, well, why would we want to copy what the EU is getting wrong?”

Paul, however, once again, hits back at the anti-Brexit campaigner suggesting that we have no control over our laws while we remain in the EU.

“All we want is for Parliament to control our laws. We’ve debated this in Parliament before the referendum,” he adds.

“Because this has not gone your way, this is why you are deciding to take it to the Supreme Court.

“You’ve got to respect what Parliament has done – they voted six to one on this referendum result.

“And why are you actually doing all of this? Because you don’t want us to leave the European Union.”

The caller then accused the High Court and Supreme Court judges of being “impartial” because many of them “have been proven to be pro-European”.